It should be Mosley

Sugar Shane MosleyThe date and venue are set but there is still no final agreeement Manny Pacquiao ‘s next opponent. By all indications however, it will be Miguel Angel Cotto. Top Rank has identified Cotto right after the Pacquiao-Hatton encounter and has been fighting tooth and nail to make it happen.
Pacquiao for his part personally watched the Cotto Clottey fight before choosing to fight Cotto.

Many times in that fight, Clottey was beating Cotto to the punch. Cotto was not his usual self as he could not handle Clottey’s speed. A lot of experts said that the loss to Antonio Margarito left a phsychological scar and that Cotto will not be able to bounce back fuly from that.

Not wanting to believe that, I wanted Cotto to prove them wrong, but I must say that even I thought, as some boxing experts thought so too, that Clottey should have won that fight. Speed was the main difference.
On the other, hand, the 37 year old Mosley is shouting out for Pacquiao. Mosley is agreeing to almost everything that Pacquiao’s camp has to offer. He agreed to fight at 140 lbs. and doesn’t seem to care about the percent sharing. He obviously knows that if he does win, this will surely add another chapter in his already interesting career.
Lets see, Mosley destroyed Antonio Margarito in his last outing. He demolished the man who granted Cotto’s first defeat. What was remarkable was that it was speed that brought down the bigger and stronger Margarito.
Speed vs speed anyone? I respect Cotto and what he has done. He is an excellent boxer and packs a lot of power but I think we should give credit where credit is due.
It should be Mosley.
If its about the money, I trust that boxing fans are thinking fans. Promote a great matchup, then the business side of this encounter should hold up.