It can be done

These past 3 months we have seen a lot of records broken in the Olympics.  A lot of “it can be done” moments were brought to us live.   Some feats close to miracles have materialized as the whole world was watching.

Phelps after a bad first race walks away from the event with the most medals ever by an Olympian.  Usain Bolt yet again, breaks his own record.  A record many have said only a superhuman could outdo.

The Olympics is not just a sports show.  It truly is a moment in time that the human race can challenge itself.  Be better ,stronger, faster.

We forget however that the opportunity to get better happens everyday for all of us.

I myself have seen two baseball teams that I coach out do themselves.  The Philippine Habagat nine and the Philippine National Team 12 under made up of very young spirited boys surprised many including themselves.

Going into the tournaments we joined, looming over our heads are the stories of how powerhouse teams like Taiwan and Japan would just walk over teams from other countries.  But , the boys we brought over thought otherwise.

Each boy in both teams first believed that they can win.  Behind that belief was a genuine dedication to get better, no matter what needs to be done.  Each boy understood that they needed to play a role within the framework of the team to beat the dragons of the game.

The Habagat team pushed back against the Taiwan, Korean, Chinese and Japanese teams every step of the way.  Games were very close and believe me,  these teams will prepare for the Habagat team next year.

The Philippine National Team beat Japan.  A feat that has never happened for a long time now.  I am sure,  Japan will be going back to their drawing board to prepare for next year as well.

Doing what cannot be done begins with thinking that it can.