Island Assault-Viloria vs. Iribe

Brian Viloria training at Punchout

Brian Viloria training at Punchout

The boxing card called Island Assault was launched by Solar Sports in a small press luncheon today.  The main event of this boxing card is the championship match between our very own Brian Viloria against a Mexican challenger, Jesus Iribe.

Viloria is fresh from his remarkable victory vs. Ulyses Solis.  This will be his first title defense.  Through a phone patch, Viloria vowed to be ready to defend his belt.  In fact he promised to defend it much longer than the first championship title he won in 2005.  He did not promise a knock out but he vowed to slug it out and be ready for 12 rounds.

Iribe, although ranked way below Viloria in the IBF rankings comes in with  style that is perfect against a counter puncher like Viloria.  Iribe, moves, bounces, and bobs. He has good head and shoulder movement and has a very busy jab.  A list of weapons perfect against the style of Viloria.

This fight will be aired live from Honolulu Hawaii on August 30, 2009 at 11:00 am, simultaneously on Solar sports and CS9.