Is it Mayweather’s time?

Just a thought. It would be so apt if it would be Saul Alvarez who would stop the winning streak of the self-proclaimed best boxer in the world.

Personally, it would be cool for Mayweather to keep his record unblemished. But, it seems cooler if, this young Mexican nicknamed El Canelo would be the one to deal Money his first loss.

Oddsmakers are not quite sure about Mayweather’s advantage over Alvarez. Nearing the fight, odds are at 2-1. Nowhere near the 5-1 odds given in favor of Mayweather in his last 3 fights. It seems that Saul provides a string of variables and characteristics that may just do the job.

He is 13 years younger, thus an obvious advantage in stamina. He has a 10 percent better KO to win ratio over Mayweather which basically says he has

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more power. He, as experienced by his past opponents, has a better than average hand speed and he is a natural body puncher. All these traits may just be what is needed to beat the aging Pretty Boy.

Make no mistake about it though. Mayweather seems to still be at the top of his game as evidenced by his performance vs. Guerrero. Its just that as the fight nears, Alvarez seems to be the most dangerous challenger, Mayweather has faced in a very long time.

Either way, doesn’t matter who wins. I am sure that the outcome will surely be a bleep in boxing histogram.