Is Cotto the right one for Pacquiao?

Everybody is excited for the next fight of Manny Pacquiao but for various reasons.

 Some would want to see a fight that would  test Pacquiao and push him to the limit. This way, when Pacquiao wins, there will no more doubt on his pound per pound crown. Some would simply want to see a fight that would put closure on some issues about Pacquiao’s camp choosing opponents because of money rather than how good the opponent is.
Miguel Cotto is on top of the list of fighter being considered for Manny’s next fight.
Cotto on paper, previous to his June 13 fight against Joshua Clottey seemed to be the best choice. Given his size, fight record, his skill level and the purse that he can attract, he does seem to be an interesting choice.
However, if his performance against Clottey will be an indication of what he brings to the table, promoters must take a second look.
Cotto was sluggish.  Relative to the speed of Manny Pacquiao, Cotto was very slow. In fact relative to Clottey, he was still slow. Clottey connected with 1-2 combinations almost at will.  Cotto would be tagged by both the jab and the straight of that combination. Cotto was also unable catch Clottey as the latter kept on moving around and brought the fight to the center of the ring. Also, the deadly left hook of Cotto could not penetrate the defense of Clottey as he has done to others.
Clottey was visibly much faster than Cotto. His legs were more nimble and his hands were faster. This then begs the question, if Cotto had difficulties matching Clottey’s speed, what more with Pacquiao’s blinding moves?
Well, obviously matchmakers and promoters know better . Hopefully they do find the best fighter to go up against the world’s best.