Health, Sports and nearing 50

Haha. I remember when I started to first write professionally, one of the first articles that got published was entitled, “Fit at Forty”. If I remember I was a few years away from that milestone year and I wrote about my decision to take control of my life particularly my health.

Several years after, now that I am nearing the Golden Year of 50, I thank the Lord for giving me the wisdom to have done so.
Early this year, I had my annual medical check up complete with all the necessary tests required for a man my age. Everything was normal give or take a few points here and there.
More importantly, I feel as strong as i did when first wrote my first article. Let me see, for the past 7 days, I have gone to box twice, worked out my legs and chest on two separate occassions, played a slowpitch softball game and coached and trained a Philippine Baseball 12 and under team.

I have two businesss to run so I go to work everyday like everbody does. I was able to spend several evenings having after dinner coffee with my wife. And last Friday, I went to and did the hosting chores with Tessa Prieto Valdez at

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the AIM 2012 Homecoming celebration.
Most of all, I have my quiet time with the Lord everyday either early in the morning or as soon as I get to the office in my room.
Let me correct myself. Today, I feel stronger, more alive and more content.
People have asked me how I have done it.

Before I wrote that article, I found the Lord. Before I took control of my life, He first took control. I gave up my life to Him and followed His every word.
And as they say the rest is history.
Am looking at my next fifty years with the same excitement I have as I wake up everyday.
Cheers to sports, cheers to health, cheers to life.