Getting closer to Island Assault

This Sunday morning, Solar Sports and CS9 will air the boxing card dubbed “Island Assault.”  It will feature Brian Viloria (25-2) as he puts  his IBF light flyweight title on the line against Mexican challenger Jesus Iribe (15-5-5).  The fight will be beamed via satellite from Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Brian Viloria resumed his training last week at Oxnard, California right after watching Nonito Donaire dispose of Panamanian Rafael Concepcion.  Viloria joined the Top Rank TV panel as fight analyst.

 Riding the crest of his comeback trail, the Hawaii born boxer of Filipino descent is anxious to prove that he is truly back.  After several lackluster performances, the “Hawaiian Punch” as he is fondly called is out to prove that he has the staying power to be dominant in the 108 lbs. division.

 Although he comes in with a better record, Brian vows to  beat Jesus Iribe.  According to Robert Garcia, Brian’s skills are inherent.  He identified Viloria’s jab to be his best punch, which he says is integral to setting up his right straight.  It is expected that that will continue to be the champion’s defining punch.

 Jesus Iribe has been described as a moving, jabbing boxer.  Edgar Sosa who defeated Viloria in the past has a similar style to that of Iribe. Most fight fans are hoping that Viloria will be able to solve that style and take the fight to Iribe.

 Iribe is expected to fight from a distance.  He will not allow Viloria to let go of that deadly right hand and will attempt to score as much as he can with jabs and hooks.  Based on his previous fight, Iribe does try to go for a knockout when he can, a feat easier said than done against the hard-hitting Filipino.

 Solar Entertainment is once again at forefront of this event.  This endeavor is tangible proof to Solar’s commitment to the sport of boxing and to supporting Filipino pugilists.

 Brian Viloria will be flying into Hawaii anytime this week and is expected to have several light workout sessions as he winds down his training.  It is reported that he is raring to go and promises to entertain the hometown crowd.  Tickets are expected to be sold out before the weekend.