Focusing on the moment


Swing right and the Homerun will come

Swing right and the Homerun will come

Success a lot say is a result of huge dreams.  Oftentimes though, we fail to understand that the true measure of  success is not what  have been acheived, but lies in the journey to achieve them.

If  we study the lives of really sucessful individuals, though their goals are clear to them, their focus always lie on the steps made.  The process that they had  to go through. The moments they had to string up to enable them to move toward that goal. 

Nothing is truly crystal clear to anybody.  Even if they think their goal is as clear as a position they want to have, a house they want to buy, an award they want to get, the way to achieve these goals is never ever quite as visible.    Those who are truly succcessful have worked their way through these obstacles by staying, focusing and working through each moment.

The irony as most successful people share is that keeping focus on the goal often prevents them from making the most of their moments…instances that are integral to getting to their goal.   Some even say that their initial failures were caused by how they wanted people to see them  as rather than just simply being themselves.

Take the case of athletes.  Almost all the great athletes started learning their sport of choice at a very early age.  Tiger of golf, Arod or baseball, Lebron of basketball and Mayweather of boxing.  All these individuals had to go through hours and hours of skills training broken down per section, per muscle, per movement.  Everyone had to go through the basics with their coaches telling them to focus on one movement at a time.  To isolate and train that muscle to do exactly what it needs to do.

They go through this so Tiger can make 20 foot putts, Arod can get his homeruns,  Lebron can make his 30 points or so and Mayweather can maintain his undefeated record.  Those that focus on the putt, the homerun the 3o points and the undefeated record rather than what they need to do in specific moments fail to be the best in what they do.

But huge success does not define an individual.  The moment we realize that we do what we do because we like doing it and not because we want others to like how we do it, we free ourselves.

You see, not all of us can become Tigers, Arods, Lebrons or Floyds.  We define our own level of successes and we decide our own level of contentment.    Like some of these athletes we hit ourselves on the head if we do not get that gross score we have always aimed for, the MVP award.  We get mad when we do not get the promotion, the car the house.  We focus on the goal that we failed to get and forget the gains that we have already acheived just doing what we love doing.

When we were all very young and were being taught the “basics”, we did all that because it was fun and we loved doing them. 

Life is a series of moments.  Live it.