Floyd Mayweather Jr. – What to do with him?

I have been working with ACTV on IBC as they have been airing some of Mayweather’s past fights. We have covered his encounter with Judah, Gatti and Baldomir. All these fights truly show how good and how dominant a boxer Floyd Mayweather is.

He knows the game inside and out and uses all this knowledge to win every fight. He’s recent performance against Victor Ortiz just proves this yet again.

Mayweather’s win against the young upstart will go down in the record books as a legitimate win. Thus, he will continue to have an unblemished record of 42 wins with no losses and draws. However at the same time, he will also go down in history as the bad guy, the villain of the sport if you will.

The sad part of this whole scenario is that regardless of how good Floyd maybe as a fighter, it is his character that will forever be remembered. His total disrespect of his father will overshadow his speed. His total disrespect of the institution that he fights in will negate his power. His total disrespect for other fighters will never allow his great defense to be emulated as it should be.
Mayweather forgets that being a boxer is only a small part of who he is. He forgets that other boxing greats whose legacy still lives on like Ali, Foreman, Leonard, Duran, Chavez, Elorde, is brought about by who they are and not just simply what they have done in the ring.

Mayweather clearly defeated Ortiz, the blow was legal, but though the ring record will show this, the boxing world will never accept it as a legitimate win.

I hope that he realizes the power and influence that he actually has and finally decide to use wisely. He still has time.