Fighting for Country-Gerry Penalosa

The sport of boxing is truly like no other. It is the only sport that literally, ones life is on the line. This is why every win in a boxing match is nothing short of glorious.

Because of this, true boxing champions never fail to provide invaluable insights not only about the sport but also about life itself.

I had a chance to chat with a very good friend of mine, two-time world champion Fearless Gerry Penalosa. I first met Gerry when he was a young pugilist with a lot of promise. He clearly had the skills to win. Little did I know that he also had the makings of becoming a great champion.

I asked Gerry if fighting for his country is really a variable when he steps into the ring or is it simply an over-rated factor to create hype for fights. Gerry, who has not been knocked down on the canvas in his entire career affirmed that knowing that his countrymen are supportive of his cause, is where he gets his strength from.

Going down he says is not an option. He knows that every Filipino will expect him to come out fighting as he always does. He knows that every Filipino has a warrior heart and will never

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back down from adversity. He knows that every time he enters the ring, he represents every one of his countrymen.

Physically he says, he always makes sure that his conditioning level is at its optimum level. In his heart he also knows that he must always give his all, win if he can, but never go down.

I hope and pray that every Filipino learns from Fearless Gerry Penalosa.