Fearless Gerry Penalosa

Facing the undefeated Juanma Lopez is the best manifestation of Gerry Penalosa’s courage.   To some it may seem foolish to have accepted this fight.  To others who truly understand a warrior’s mentality,  going up the square ring against the bigger, younger and stronger Puerto Rican is a no brainer. 

The fight ended with Penalosa’s corner stopping the fight.  He was hit, pounded and pulverized throughout the contest.  It was a decision to save the Filipino pugilist from taking more punishment.  Take note however that Penalosa did not fall.  More importantly it wasnt him that decided to stop.

Lopez may have defeated the proud Pinoy gladiator but Penalosa was not beaten.   Penalosa has for the last time lived up to his name-Fearless.