Farenas carving out his destiny

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Farenas all set against Gamboa

When opportunity knocks one must take it.

I believe that this great advice will only be followed by those who have a clear goal in mind.  You see, opportunities are everywhere.  The ability to identify which one to take depends solely on one’s  commitment to his objective. 

Michael Farenas took center stage in the undercard of the Pacquiao-Marquez 4 boxing event.  He was one of three fighters being considered to face Yuyorkis Gamboa whose original opponent backed out at weeks before fight day. 

When he was told of the opportunity, Mike “Hammer Fist” Farenas had a choice.  In fact he was given a choice by his manager and mentor, former world champion Gerry Penalosa.  Penalosa explained to Farenas that fighting Gamboa as part of this megaevent will provide him the experience of performing at the highest level possible in boxing.  It is a chance for him to present himself to the boxing world and that if he did well ensures more fights at this level.  The downside was, Penalosa said, was that he was going to go up against a very talented fighter. In fact,  Mike was told that Gamboa was so much better than him.  Gamboa was coming in undefeated, with outstanding records both in the amateur and professional ranks.  Gamboa hands down was technically superior, physically stronger and had more experience than Farenas.

Penalosa in fact was trying to talk Farenas out of the fight. Penalosa allowed the fight to happen because Farenas assured him that he can take Gamboa on.  Gerry later told me that he could see Farenas’ determination and dedication.

I met Mike roughly 5 years ago. I knew way back then that there was only one thing he wanted to do and that is to become a fighter.   He wanted a world championship.  When I heard that Farenas took the fight against Gamboa,  I was concerned but not surprised.

Gamboa dominated the fight as expected.  He was scoring at will and was keeping Farenas at bay. What he did not see, what none of us can see was the heart of one Mike Farenas.   Farenas seemed beaten in the early rounds but he kept on pushing forward.  Gamboa clearly become overconfident and quite careless until the Filipino tagged him with a left straight in the 9th round.  Gamboa hit the canvas and scambled to his feet.

Up to that point, Farenas kept on pressuring the Cuban and never gave up.  After the knockdown,  Gamboa was visibly alarmed and began to fight from a distance to get out of trouble.  The fight ended with Gamboa winning by points but the Farenas won the hearts and attention of many of boxing experts, promoters and fans.

Mike Farenas is again scheduled to fight in the US in March of 2013 according to Penalosa.    He has achieved what he set out to do when he took this fight.  Now he is in the radar and has a far better chance to truly make it to the big show. 

This is a new beggining for him. With the courage he showed on top of that ring, he is bound to do greater things in this sport.