Family and Friends

Just recently I have been blessed to spend a wonderful weekend with my family. 

It was a vacation that has been put on hold for a long time now. My hectic schedule was getting in the way. It was a good thing that my wife “forced” me to make time for it.  Listening to your spouse is always a good thing.

There are four of us in the family and each one had their own idea regarding where to go and what to do.  We only had a weekend and we had to be close to the city just in case something came up. 

I believe that good friends are a blessing and this situation was not an exception.  My high school batchmate and good friend Ton Francisco, knowing my situation offered a stay at Eagle Point Resort of which he is General Manager.  Aside from this, he mentioned that we could just simply crossover to his personal beach house and also enjoy the amenities over there.

Eagle point resort was perfect for us.  It had everything we needed.  It allowed my family to enjoy each other’s company while providing a lot of choices in terms of things to do.

The resort had very cozy rooms that made sleeping in very comfortable.

They had three pools to choose from.  One of which was a salt water pool where my teenage daughter had her intro dive while my 10 year old boy could snorkel.

They had access to a private island allowing us to hop on a speedboat and then enjoy the marine life that surrounded it.

Of course, the table tennis and billiard tables helped fill in the gaps.

The delicious and sumptous food served every meal was the highlight of the whole experience.

Ton’s beachhouse was only several paces outside of the resort.  Here, my family will not forget our collective experience of going down the zip line and transfering from tree to tree using the burma line.   I was overjoyed watching my family having so much fun.

I have always believed that collecting wonderful memories and creating quality time is borne out of making quantity time.  I thank God for giving me this opportunity.  If not for my level headed wife and a good friend close by this vacation wouldn’t have become a reality.

Eagle  Point Resort is located at the tip of the Calumpang Peninsula at the southern mouth of Balayan bay in Anilao-Mabini, Batangas.  Call 8133553 for inquiries.