Drian Francisco- Onward to bigger things

Although the last two knock out wins of Drian Francisco were very impressive, there were still many questions left in the minds of Filipino boxing fans. Many were supportive of his campaign but were also worried and wondering if he does have what it takes to become a world boxing champion. His victory against the Panamanian super flyweight champion at the Ynares gym erased all doubts.

Ricardo Nunez came into this fight with a remarkable fight record of 17 wins with only 1 loss. 15 of his wins came via the short route. Clearly, Nunez was the greatest challenge Drian will be facing to date. Nunez is 22 years old and was expected to be aggressive and unafraid to engage due to the power in his gloves. He was expected to be ready for the fight and give his all because the winner of the bout gains a mandatory fight against the champion of the WBA version of the super flyweight belt.

It was against this background why the win is an important one in the Filipino’s career. The win will not only position him for a shot at a legitimate world title but his performance sent a message which says that now is ready for the big time.

Francisco did not waste anytime as he pursued his opponent from the opening bell. It seemed that the fight was going to end in the first round when Nunez hit the canvas twice. Drian surprised everybody with the power in his left hand. His followers know that he finished off a lot of his previous opponents with right hand straights. In this fight, however, it was his left jab and hook that was doing the damage.

Clearly a thinking fighter, Francisco settled down to box Nunez in the second to the fourth round. With the crowd sensing that Drian was much stronger than the visitor, they were cheering him to knock him out again. Francisco was obviously wary about the capabilities of his opponent and was content with simply connecting with strong left hooks when the openings presented themselves. Nunez was rocked and his head would snap back from the continuous barrage of jabs and hooks.

Out-boxed and out-punched the Panamanian champion gamely tried to pursue Francisco with one-two combinations but he would stop when he gets hit by power shots. The end came in the 5th round with a crunching left hooks dropped him twice on his back. Referee Bruce McTavish stopped the fight after the second knock down. Nunez was on the mat for a good number of minutes with his eyes all glassy before standing up. Nunez was in fact brought to the hospital for the standard physical check-up done on boxers knocked down the way he was.

One has to have seen several of Drian Francisco’s fights to firmly believe that he is ready for the big show. His style is awkward thus making one worry. His defensive stance looks loose and unorthodox that he looks like an easy target. He has however succeeded with this kind of boxing style. It makes him unpredictable. It makes his opponents overconfident and unmindful of their own protection. With this confusing style coupled with his hand-speed and power Francisco is more than ready for a championship belt.

Drian Francisco trains at the Touch Glove Boxing Gym in Batangas City and is the managed by Elmer Anuran. Mr. Anuran was one of the few people who saw Francisco’s potential and is instrumental in the latter’s success.

Everything is looking up for the General Santos native. Bigger things now await the Philippine’s Gintong Kamao.