Drian Francisco- A Warrior’s Journey

The last time I saw Drian was when we did the post fight analysis of the Pacquiao-Clottey fight.

He was, at that time seemingly ready to take

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on Ricardo Nunez of Panama. We had a chance to talk during the breaks and he assured me that he was already deep into training and was preparing for the eliminator bout. He knew how important this next figh would be if he was to win a legitimate world championship belt.

Ricardo Nunez is no pushover. His numbers tell us that he is a knockout artist. He clearly has power in his mitts and is not afraid to mix it up with his opponents.

His lone win via a unanimous decision saw him way ahead on points clearly dominating his opponent. It can be surmised that his is a busy fighter that relies on his power and is unafraid to take some to give some.

Francisco knows this all too well. Many have described this Filipino as a thinking fighter. He is the type of pugilist who will study his opponent, map out a strategy and train hard to implement his game plan.

He however is also a knock out specialist and has been known to mix it up with his previous opponents. The outcome of this fight therefore may well depend on two things: stamina and their ability to take a punch.

More than ever, Francisco will need to get up into the ring with a reserve tank. Nunez will engage him at every possible opportunity and will at time be very aggressive. Francisco must be able to match and survive th Panamanian’s attacks so he can set himself up in a position where he can also throw his own combinations.

Given that the two are power punchers, the one with the weaker chin will have to watch out. Both will definitely come out throwing bombs, the one that connects cleanly will be in a better position to beat the other.

It will be a slambang affair and chances are a short night for both.