Donnie Nietes- May History Judge Him Justly

It is a pity that Donnie Nietes does not get the praises that he rightfully deserves. Of course, as all Filipino boxers do, Donnie fights under the huge shadow of Manny Pacquiao.

Let us however pause and assume that there is no Manny Pacquiao. Donnie owns

the WBO Minimum Weight belt. He has officially defended in four times ( a fifth time would have been against Jesus Silvestre but the challenger did not make the weight making it a non-title bout which Donnie won handily anyway).

Three of those defenses were held in Mexico. Normally, champions wait for the challenger to come. The title holder usually stays and fights in his home country and the challenger has to… well come over and challenge.

Not Donnie, he has proven that when he says he will fight anyone anywhere, he backs that up with action.

And action is what you see in every Donnie Nietes fight. Breaking down Donnie’s skills will lead you to something very basic. Donnie’s ability to throw the correct punches and combinations is brought about by his ability to position well. Something a boxer can do only if he has strong legs and good footwork.

This allows Donnie to size up most of his opponent, defend very well and throw well timed punches. As most Mexican fighters prefer the toe-to-toe style of fighting, Donnie negates that style with his slick boxing skills.

His jabs are straight and true. His power punch always thrown with a purpose and his uppercuts and hooks devastating when they connect cleanly.

It was once said that to achieve huge tasks one must accomplish small ones as though they were great.

It seems that Donnie Nietes is on his way to do just that.