Donaire and Francisco

Two bright stars of Philippine boxing.
Drian Francisco and Nonito Donaire fought and disposed of separate opponents over the last two weeks and set themselves up for a world title fight.
Two hardhitting and fastmoving pugilists, these boxers represent the next wave of Filipino boxing champions. Both are reed thin but both pack power in both hands. Both are blessed with speed and both of them don’t seem to get tired at all.
The similarities don’t just end there. Both fighters over the past year were not getting their title shots apparently because the champions of their respective weight divisions have decided not to put their belts on the line againsts them. Running away though has its limits. The opening of 2011 will be exciting for boxing fans not only in the Philippines but around the world as talks are now underway for their chance at a world title.

A new age of boxing may just be around the corner.