Concepcion vs. Luevano-very interesting match-up

These two fighters are so different from each other. This is why their upcoming fight will be a very interesting one, to say the least.
It will be very interesting to see how Luevano will stay away from the very powerful punches of Concepcion. Will Luevano be able to stay away long enough into the fight so Concepcion’s punches lose their power in the later rounds?
Will Abe be able to keep calm and composed amidst the jabs that Luevano will be throwing. Will Concepcion be patient enough and wait for the right moment to throw his bombs or will he directly take the fight to the classic fighter Steven Luevano.
An obvious advantage of power goes to Concepcion. Luevano on the other hand is a thinking, ever jabbing classical boxer who may not be a one punch artist but is highly skilled.
There will surely be action from the opening bell.