Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, higher and stronger make up the motto

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of the Olympics. It is in its most simplest form the objective of each competitor involved in the games.

I have had the opportunity to be closely involved with the games since the Beijing Olympics and now with the London Olympics as a sports analyst for various local TV networks. I have covered, analyzed and documented competition in basketball, boxing, bmx, rowing, athletics, volleyball and weight lifting.

What is remarkable about watching the events is truly the realization that the human spirit knows no boundaries. On the surface we see men and women going for gold and applaud their efforts. True manifestations that man can contiously better himself. But underneath it all is the reflection that man’s spirit is not just about winning but is more about character and fortitude.

Behind each win are others who gave their best but fell short. Amidst all the stories of glory are those who sacrificed as much but did not get gold. Within the walls of celebration are corners of sobs and tears.

But, after the lights are turned off, we know that no one would go back home with their heads low and hearts full of regrets. The Olympics is not just for the ones winning the gold. It represents the dreams and aspirations of regular men and women simply wanting to be the best. The Olympics is the culmination of hard work and determination put in by the 10000 plus athletes who in very simple terms wanted to run faster, fly higher and get stronger.

It has been my honor to put in my little contribution to help grow the Olympic movement.