Bring Baseball Back

I am just as passionate with baseball as I am with boxing.

I started playing baseball when I was just 6 years old and have enjoyed the game ever since. It is sad that I know that most of you do not even know that we were considered a powerhouse in this sport way back in the 5os to 70s. There are so many reasons that I can state that have led to the demise of this sport but then that is all under the bridge.

What is quite exciting though is that I can forsee its comeback in the next couple of years.

Over the past year, I have personally seen a lot of grassroots programs re-establishing itself at both school and community levels. Thanks to my son, whom, without any prodding of my own, took a liking to the game. Through him I have rekindled my love for the sport. Furthermore, because of his involvement I have met people who are committed to help this sport rise again.

You see, aside from boxing, I think it is in baseball that we can once again compete effectively in international tournaments. Slowly, these men and women are slowly putting in place the building blocks needed to create a sustained program. A program that will help form good local ballplayers of the future.

Baseball Philippines represents a destination for all the aspiring young baseball players to play in after college ball (UAAP). It also provides more game opportunities and experiences for the players which then better prepares them become the future coaches of grassroots programs.

It is a blessing that the Rizal Memorial Stadium where I have so many memories as a player and spectator still stands and continue to host weekend baseball games. The Alabang Country Club is a venue that has embraced the sport and serves as the home of the Alabang Baseball and Softball Club. There has also been talk that soon a new baseball field will be built in the general area of Taguig.

If I may invite one and all. Please take a second look

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at baseball. Either start watching ,learning and maybe also participating in this sport. A lot will agree, we do have a bigger chance to win in this sport.