Brian Viloria-back on top

My good friend former world champion Gerry Penalosa texted me before the Viloria Romero fight and said ,”Viloria -rsc”.  He predicted a win by the Hawaiian Punch with the referee stopping the fight.

This is short of saying that Viloria is over matched for Romero and the latter will be beaten so badly that the referee will not have a choice but to stop the fight.  The insights of really great boxing legends like Gerry should not be left unheard.  The fight ended exactly as he said it would.

I have been fortunate to have spent enough time with Brian.  He has trained at my club,  Punchout Boxing Club several times in preparation for his fights with Tamara, Solis, and Segura.  I have seen him at his highest as well his lowest.  I was at the ringside during his victories as well as some of his defeats.

Brian Viloria is a man that understands that life is not a sprint but a marathon.  His dedication to the sport has never faltered during bad times… and in his case also during good times.  He would always put the same effort in every fight knowing that he may not have the skill set of a Manny Pacquiao but he certainly has the same heart and will to win.

His career may not be as illustrious as that of the big names of boxing but he has done what he needed to do given the opportunities that have been thrown his way.

Beaten down 3 times, has gone back up 4.  A winner is one that keeps on coming back.

God bless you Brian