Boys and Dogs

I have always loved dogs. I had a lot of pet dogs when I was a young boy. Sometimes, we would even have 2 or 3 dogs in the house at the same time. We were not particular with the breed for we did have various kinds. I had my share of aspins but have had the opportunity to also take care of a chow and a cross breed doberman.
Of course as I grew older and I had to focus on some other more serious stuff, having dogs began to take the back seat. However, the boy in me constantly look for those things that well, make me who I really am. So, aside from still playing the sports I love to play, listening to music that I grew up with, I just recently also got a dog.
Actually getting this dog was not my original idea. it was our birthday gift to my son Miguel, who last year wanted a dog of his own. Naturally, as I knew the joy a puppy would bring him having enjoyed the company of many pups in the past, my wife and I got him a Labrador retriver- the recommended dog particularly if one had children around.
We named our new pup, Bunso. Being the last of a litter of 8, we thought it apt to call him such. However, make no mistake about it, though Bunso was the youngest he was by no means the smallest. In fact he seemed to be the biggest of all. He had the biggest head and chest and had the paws that resembled a baby lion.
Its been over a year now since Bunso joined our family. Even my wife ,who never liked dogs would spend countless hours in the garden ,having her coffee with Bunso just seated at her feet.
Bunso, a typical labrador is always restless and playful which makes him very lovable. It is his unconditional bond with my family that really makes him quite endearing to all of us.
It is no surprise why my son loves him so much.