Bernabe Concepcion-Too much too early

No one can really blame Abe with regard to the outcome of the fight. It was after all destined to be a slugfest. Juama Lopez and Abe Concepcion are two of the hardest hitting boxers in their weight division to date. Not

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to engage with the Puerto Rican would be cowardice.

But showing courage by fighting toe-to-toe led to the Filipino’s downfall.

Lopez was simply bigger and stronger. He dropped Abe a total of 3 times in the fight. Concepcion previous to this has never been on the canvas.

Abe gave his all from start to finish. You could see him unleashing his own bombs from left upper cuts and over hand rights. In fact a left hook connected to the open right chin of Lopez and also for the first time in his career , the featherweight champion fell on his butt.

Lopez settled down to use reach and height advantage and started a rhythm in his jab to set up his right straight. Twice in the 2nd, Abe gets stunned. The second of which was so strong that Concepcion could not stand up straight though he tried. The referee then stopped the fight to the dismay of Concepcion.

Some say that it was too early for Concepcion to face a fighter like Juanma Lopez. Some agreed that it was the best time as any.

In the end, Abe had to contend with a lot of punches from Lopez as early as the first round. Lopez was unrelentless and Concepcion being human after all had to succumb.