Bernabe Concepcion- Now or Never

I met Bernabe several years ago when he was still about 18 years old. He was one of those unheard of Filipino boxers who was trying it out on his own.

He at that early age already showed power. At 115 lbs. everyone could see that Abe, as he is fondly called can stand up to, hurt and handily defeat boxers at the 126 featherweight lbs. category. He would be a Junior champion at 18 and would rack up enough outstanding wins to be given interesting opponents for him to showcase his skills in the international arena with global television support.

This 10th of July, Abe will face his biggest challenge yet. He will be going for the featherweight title of the upcoming boxing star from Puerto Rico, Juanma Lopez.

Juanma Lopez just recently and handily beat Steven Luevano for the crown. Concepcion was disqualified after throwing a punch after the bell against Luevano but many say that if the fight went on the way it was panning out, Luevano would have won on points.

Getting this fight against Lopez is a once in a lifetime chance for the abled Filipino.

Unlike others before him, Abe, who comes in with bombs from both hands and with handspeed that can match Lopez, does have a boxer”s chance against the champion. And that exactly is what he needs

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to do.

Box the Champion. Hopefully, he has been prepared well to stay under the jabs of Lopez. But, he also needs to be able to throw combinations right after. Lopez throws vicious right upper cuts and hooks as well. In this fight, more than any other of his past fights, Abe should plan his attack.

His movements must be precise and he must know when to throw his punches and when to retreat. Prolonging the fight will give Concepcion a better chance against the taller Lopez.

Lopez might just be in for the shock of his life come fight night.