Bernabe Concepcion- new moves, new chance for a belt

It was a more relaxed Abe Concepcion that we saw last weekend.  Against a taller and bigger opponent Mario Santiago, Concepcion re-introduced himself to boxing fans and was out to prove his detractors wrong.

In this fight, Concepcion showed us all how a smaller fighter should fight a bigger fighter- make yourself smaller.

Clearly listening to his new team, Abe continously crouched low making himself a much smaller target for the jab throwing Santiago. By doing so, he was making Santiago miss a lot and simultaneously creating openings to counter punch.

The taller Santiago kept on reaching  out thus  commiting  himself to Abe’s counter upper cuts.  Concepcion’s power was clearly displayed as Santiago was visibly hurt by the barrage of body shots.  The right straight of Abe dropped Santiago in the middle rounds further establishing his advantage.

There was an obvious improvement in Abe’s movements.  This was a manifestation of the fighting philosophy of his new trainers.  Buboy Fernandez, a key figure of Pacquiao’s training team, was the head trainer in Abe’s corner.  Abe’s constant shoulder dips and bobs were now complemented with additional footwork.  Abe was turning and pivoting as he was crouching away from Santiago.

Santiago had a hard time catching Concepcion everytime he would attack.  Keeping away from Santiago, Abe consistently scored via great counter punching.

Still on his way to perfecting his craft, Concepcion was also tagged several times and was visibly hurt when he allowed Santiago to pin him against the ropes.  Good conditioning protected him from getting hurt and saved him from the attack of Santiago in the final round.

His performance in this fight has earned him a shot at Juanma Lopez, the Puerto Rican boxing superstar who now holds the belt once owned by Steven Luevano.    Luevano beat both Santiago and Concepcion, the latter via disqualification.

As fate would have it,  Concepcion now as a chance to go for the belt yet once again.