Baseball Passion

Lots of people already know that I love baseball as much as I love boxing.

I started playing the game since I was ten years old and have not stopped ever since.  Today, I coach the Philippine Habagat team, a group of 11-12 year olds bound for the PONY League Baseball Aspac qualifier in Korea this July.

Though I have not been fortunate enough to ever play professionally I cannot complain over the blessings and opportunities I have been given in relation to the sport of baseball.

The most recent one just came this year.  I have been able in one trip to the United States visit three major baseball stadiums, watched my ever first major league game, and was given the chance to hit some balls in the batting cage of one of them.

I went to Boston early this year for a convention.  Within the four day event, we were treated to dinner at Boston’s famed Fenway Park.  The first ever baseball stadium of the US wherein arguably everything about baseball began.  This is where the ongoing feud between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees began.  History records that this is where Boston first beat the Yankees (who were known by a different name then and had to change it apparently to cover up the loss to Boston).

Part of the folklore was the controversial transfer of Babe Ruth from Boston to New York which proved to be a major mistake on the former’s part.

I was able to hit several balls where the Boston Red Sox have their batting practice.  Using the same pitching machine (this is my belief) as David Ortiz uses, I hit a few dozen balls all to the amazement of some of my European collegues who went underground with me to try it out.

A week later, I joined my family in Los Angeles.  We were fortunate to have relatives who helped us get tickets to the season opener featuring Dodgers versus defending champions San Francisco Giants

It was a great experience not just to be able to watch a major league game live but it was doubly unforgetable because my 11 year old son, who is playing the game too, was with me to watch.  Although LA beat San Francisco, just to be there was an amazing moment.

One week after, we flew into San Francisco as part of our itenerary on our back to the Philippines.  I wasn’t planning on watching the  Giants as we just saw them play a week before.  However, my cousin, who apparently shifted allegiance from football to baseball, kept on teasing us about watching in LA and kept on talking about how the Giants came back as an underdog last year to win the World Series.   He was so persistent that he brought us down to ATT park during a home game with (guess who?  LA again) and be in the moment.

I, to this day, am thanking him for that.  Although we were unable to get inside, we were able to get great pics, get the feel of the game and exactly know what it is like to be a Giants fan.

God is good.  He may not give you the exact desires of your heart but He is sure to give you enough that fills one’s heart with joy and contentment.

“take me out to the ballgame. . . . . .. ”  “Batter up!”