Baseball history unfolds

Whenever the game of baseball is talked about,  one cannot help remember the names of some of the greats.  Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimagio and Lou Gehrig are just some of the names that easily comes to mind.  It also is no surprise that these players played for one of the most recognized teams in the world.  All these players have donned New York Yankees jerseys.

Derek Jeter on Sept 11, 2009 just added his name to this special list.  He just broke the record of Lou Gehrig for the most hits by any Yankee player.  With an opposite field hit on his second time at bat against the Orioles, Jeter posted his 2,722nd hit of his 13 year career.

Lou Gehrig’s record stood for 7 decades and has been challenged of the game’s best over and over again. 

I was watching the historic moment with my son.  I realized that my son will now look up at Jeter as I looked up at  Gehrig.

As baseball is slowly rebuilding its following in the country,television exposes our  young baseball hopefuls to  this level of play.  It is without a doubt a variable that should help the game of baseball in the Philippines rise back to where it was before.

I pray that our local players continue to love the game as much as Gehrig and Jeter does and take the lead to grow the sport. 

Hopefully,  instead of major league players being our baseball idols, we will be able to find local players become role models.