Bantamweight Division- next frontier for Donaire

I just got back to cover

boxing matches for local tv after about 5 months of coaching the Philippine Habagat baseball team. Its great to be back, though I must admit I needed some time to get my bearings straight.

The first project I was tasked to cover was the Agbeko-Mares championship encounter. This fight is the culmination of a brilliant idea of pitting the 4 best bantamweights in the world, match them up in a single round elimination and declare the eventual winner IBF champion.

Mares and Agbeko did not disappoint as both showed the world their a-game making it a very entertaining and interesting fight to annotate. It ended in a decision for Mares (amidst all the controversies of low blows not called) but Mares did enough to bring home the belt without a doubt.
The interesting side story though , is that the bantamweight listed in the top ten best pound for pound was not part of this 4 fighter tournament. Filipino Nonito Donaire must have been watching how Mare and Agbeko dished it out. Furthermore ,he was probably observing how Darchinyan and Perez, the two other bantamwieights performed.
Aside for the welterweight division where Pacquiao is fighting now, the presence and possible matches involving any of these four fighters plus Donaire will place the spotlight on this category once again. It becomes doubly interesting because aside from the speed and the promise of non-stop action bantamweights provide, there is considerable power in the punches of these guys, Donaire clearly having the hardest punch.
Hold on to your seats fans, the next couple of months will be bantamweight time.