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Brian Viloria’s time is now

Brian Viloria’s time is now

Brian Viloria will now get the respect he truly deserves.

More than just unifying the WBO and WBA belts in his weight division,  Brian emulates the virtues of  hardwork, perseverance,tenacity and humility.  He epitomizes traits that a true sports hero should have.

Even up to this fight, people had doubts about Brian.  Their concerns are not baseless.  Brian’s career has had peaks and valleys not often seen of fighters at this level.  He has been counted out by experts after under par performances against Omar Nino and the terrible loss against Tamara. More

Pacquiao Marquez IV- your call

It is already a given that the fight will be non-stop

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and interesting. However, with the additiomal variables of age, the controversial decisions, the presence of the law of averages plus the added pressure of legacy, who do you think will win?

Pacquiao Marquez – umbilical cord to destiny

Pacquiao Marquez – umbilical cord to destiny

Just like how most well written plays end, the hero and the anti-hero will have to face off.  Although a winner must be decided,  it is the journey that completes and make each interesting novel truly inspiring.

The world’s most electrifying boxer today will face his nemesis for the fourth time this coming December 8.  Manny Pacquiao chooses to square off once again with Juan Manuel Marquez for an unprecedented fourth time.

After Cotto decided against fighting Pacquiao a second time, the 8 division champion was left with Marquez and Bradley to choose from.   Juan Manuel Marquez was the better option. Taking on Bradley in a rematch will clearly elicit a reaction amongst boxing fans that he was taking the easy way out.  Expectations are high for the boxing hero thus picking Marquez shows the world that he never backs down from a fight.  However,  fighting  Marquez puts not only the fight on the line but his legacy as well.


Philippines gearing up for baseball glory

Philippines gearing up for baseball glory


The Philppines was once a powerhouse in the sport of baseball. Other countries regarded Filipino ball players then as they regard Japanese players now.  Japan is now one of the most dominant countries in this field.  During the last decade, Japan won the 1st and 2nd World Baseball Classic Tournament and will be defending the crown this year.

The Philippines will be attempting to get back its lost glory as our national team players are in the thick of their preparation for this tournament.  They are going to be playing against Chinese-Taipei, New Zealand and Thailand in the first round of eliminations. The team is hoping to get past Chinese-Taipei to progress to the next round.


Nonito Donaire’s time will come

Nonito Donaire’s time will come

I was first introduced to Nonito Donaire when I was asked by Solar Sports to cover his fight against Vic Darchinyan.

Back then nobody, and I mean nobody knew about this Filipino. To us then, we were just covering another regular match. He was going up against the undefeated Vic Darchinyan whose power was quite evident with the number of knockdowns he posted prior to this fight.

Nonito brought with him good numbers winning 17 with only one lose. He was up and coming, didn’t look exactly powerful with a fighting stance that was, to say the least , different. He was expected to give Darchinyan a good fight but no one was even

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close to predicting the actual outcome.


It can be done

These past 3 months we have seen a lot of records broken in the Olympics.  A lot of “it can be done” moments were brought to us live.   Some feats close to miracles have materialized as the whole world was watching.

Phelps after a bad first race walks away from the event with the most medals ever by an Olympian.  Usain Bolt yet again, breaks his own record.  A record many have said only a superhuman could outdo.

The Olympics is not just a sports show.  It truly is a moment in time that the human race can challenge itself.  Be better ,stronger, faster.

We forget however that the opportunity to get better happens everyday for all of us.

I myself have seen two baseball teams that I coach out do themselves.  The Philippine Habagat nine and the Philippine National Team 12 under made up of very young spirited boys surprised many including themselves.

Going into the tournaments we joined, looming over our heads are the stories of how powerhouse teams like Taiwan and Japan would just walk over teams from other countries.  But , the boys we brought over thought otherwise.


12 under PABA Philippine National Team

Right now, I am in Chengdu China as part of the Coaching staff of the 12 year old and under Philippine National team. Tomorrow, we face Korea as this tournament sanctioned by the Baseball Federation of Asia goes underway.

To say that building this team is challenging is an understatement. Baseball is not a priority sport thus one can just imagine what kind of motivation one must have to be able to send a competitive team of young boys to represent our country. Our perfornance here will have a bearing on the country’s world ranking in the sport.


Sports and character

Getting into sports an an early age should not always be about winning.    If this is the sole purpose then we all lose the whole point.

Involvement in sports must be about building character more than anything else.   Winning, or trying to win is only a tool to ensure that the person is exposed to situations which helps him form the correct values-a bedrock of character.

I have had a chance to work with athletes in training both in the sport of baseball and boxing.   I have had the opportunity to watch each one grow into the people they are today.

I have observed that they end up into being two kinds of athletes:


Citius, Altius, Fortius

Faster, higher and stronger make up the motto

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of the Olympics. It is in its most simplest form the objective of each competitor involved in the games.

I have had the opportunity to be closely involved with the games since the Beijing Olympics and now with the London Olympics as a sports analyst for various local TV networks. I have covered, analyzed and documented competition in basketball, boxing, bmx, rowing, athletics, volleyball and weight lifting.

What is remarkable about watching the events is truly the realization that the human spirit knows no boundaries. On the surface we see men and women going for gold and applaud their efforts. True manifestations that man can contiously better himself. But underneath it all is the reflection that man’s spirit is not just about winning but is more about character and fortitude.


Philippine Habagat Baseball

Philippine Habagat Baseball

The second batch of 11-12 year old boys who represented the country at the PONY league ASPAC regional qualifiers are now back and practicing with their respective teams.

The team unfortunately did not win the tournament.  The teams they played against were admittedly years advanced in training and experience.  They went up against the powerhouse teams of Chinese Taipei, Korea and Japan whose baseball program over the past decade have immensely improved.  It is these three teams that would capture the ASPAC regionals and continue to also win the World Series of the league.  In fact, these same teams also lord it over in the rival league, the Little League Organization.

The Habagat program is on its second year and so far, without sounding self serving,  it has shown that boys who go through this program can match up against these powerhouse teams.