Arce vs. Lumacad

I didn’t want to even comment on this fight.   How the fight ended, as some of you have observed, was surprising and questionable.  Many of you may think that the punch (one punch) of Arce which sent our Filipino brother to the canvas was not really solid enough to keep him down.

Lumacad fell but did not appear visibly hurt.  He had his bearings straight and faculties intact.  This is what obviously has led to some comments questioning why he stayed on the floor and was counted out.

We originally did not consider to review the fight but let me see if it is worthwhile to do so.  I am giving Lumacad the benefit if the doubt. Guys, please remember that he was up against Jorge Arce.  We all know this fighter does have a powerful punch and that he has proven this in a lot of his previous fights.

Let me see if we can get comments or an interview with Lumacad’s camp.