Ana Julaton

I have always been astonished by the fact that women boxing is growing. Just to put that statement into perspective, I personally am impressed by men boxers first and foremost. The sport is not for everybody and it takes to say that it takes courage to participate in it is an understatement.
Above the obvious pain one can possibly feel when in an actual bout, the training one has to go through to prepare for one is the toughest athletic preparation that I know and have personally gone through.
This is why it is really interesting to understand why women would want to be boxers.
Newly crowned world champion, Ana Julaton visited Punchout Boxing Club just recently and I was fortunate enough to have a chat with her.
She had a great smile and true to all the reports, she clearly is one of more good looking lady boxers there is . More than that Ana was clearly very confident and quite sure of who she is. She was very polite and engaged me in a very lively conversation with topics ranging from her flight to her last fight.
Most specially when we were discussing the rigors of her sport and as we highlighted several moments of her last title defense, one could sense the winner’s attitude shining through the Philam pugilist.
We talked about her jab and how she through Coach Freddie Roach has been able to continously improve that punch. Her jab has proven to be her most potent weapon, disallowing her opponents to get near her and allows her to set up for her power straight. We also discussed that now she is zeroing in on adding power to that right hand to complete her arsenal.
We also talked about the welt under her left eye which she sustained during her championship fight but like a true warrior she dismissed it and simply said it was all ok.
We parted as I was told that her next fight might be in April or May just a few weeks from her title defense. She seemed so relaxed and was clearly getting ready for that.
At this point, I still am dumbfounded why ladies or why Ana has chosen this sport to be her own . One thing I found out though- she clearly is ready to be one.