Ako Mismo

You may have heard or have seen the Ako Mismo campaign over the past 3 weeks. It is an advocacy campaign with a simple message. A message of hope for everyone to realize that if we, all of us, one at a time, all pitch in and give in our best in anything that we do, we as citizens of this world can collectively overcome the current challenges we are all facing.

The germ of the idea came as a reply to seeming negativity that is currently enveloping us. The difficulties of everyday life compounded by the worldwide economic crisis has dampened the spirits of not only Filipinos but of almost everybody in the world. It takes a simple realization that man has had a thousand of years of facing adversity and that this is just one other hurdle.

It is a call to dig deep down within ourselves and give our very best in whatever we do so we can all move forward. The Ako Mismo campaign is simply a push towards that direction. It is a call to t once again selflessly give ourselves to a greater purpose.

Change, resiliency and courage is in each one of us. We are only responsbile, we can only be responsible for ourselves. What we think and what we do are our own doing. Ako Mismo reminds us that before looking at others, let us check first what we have done, not done and are about to do. Ako Mismo speaks to us individually and collectively-lets do our share.

Regardless of who started this campaign, be it politically motivated or not, lets not dwell on that at all. Remember that there is a bigger issue,

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a much larger purpose. Lets keep our eye on the prize and do our share.