Abby Marano-Beast Mode

I have had the opportunity to meet the DLSU Lady Spiker’s  Captain, Abby Marano.

She has led her team to numerous UAAP   titles and has emerged to be one of the most dominant and recognized volleyball players in the country to date.   Although her team fell short of  defending their title in season 76,  Abby remained poised and composed at the moment of defeat, a mark of a mature athlete and leader.

That was her last remaining year to play for her school and now she sets her sights to bigger things.

Abby’s tenacity  reflects the kind of determined attitude the “Captain” possesses.  She shared with me her career goals, her future plans for her family and her own personal objectives for herself.   Admittedly they are lofty goals but knowing what I know now of her,  it seems that she has a good chance of attaining them.

She spoke of each one much like she would plan for a volleball game.  There is a sense of focus that one seldom finds from a 21 year old nowadays.   It was as if she exactly knew where to go, what to do, whom to speak with and how to prepare for the future.  Much like her knowing how to defend with a dig pass,  acknowledge where her setter is and prepare for the patented “Beast  Mode” attack of Abby.

We also spoke of her humble beginnings when as a young child she would  hide from her parents to play volleyball.  Her mom Belen shared that she was against her playing as she did not see then any future in the sport.  She kept on reminding Abby to keep on studying with the intent to get to a good school.  Little did they know that it would be volleyball which would fulfill that dream.

No one would also even think years ago that the game would continue to be her stepping stone to better things to come as she leaves college life and enter the workforce.  Abby was the second pick  in the 1st round draft of the newest semi-pro league of the country the Philippine Super Liga.

Together with her good friends and nemesis on the court, Din-Din Santiago and Iari Yongco,  Abby Marano represents the springboard that can bring volleyball to a different level in the next couple of years.

Abby now embarks on a new season of her playing years.  Her teammates,  players on the other teams and her fans have high expectations of her and they all know she has it in her to play her role right.  For Abby there is no other way to success.  A way that has brought her to where she is in her career and her life.   Watch out for her as she turns on the “Beast Mode” when she takes the court when the season begins.