Pacquiao and Rios- fighting for their future

Pacquiao looks good!

Ripped and ready

I was at the weigh in for the Pacquiao Rios fight and here are the facts:

Rios came in at 146 and a quarter lbs while Pacquiao registered at 145 lbs

Pacquiao looked fresh and buffed.   Rios cheek bones were pronounced and though he is thinner than usual, he had no muscle definition.

Both fighters were smiling while Rios was having fun with the crowd asking Filipinos and Mexicans alike to cheer.

The expected tension between the camps were not evident, everyone seemed civil.

Alex Ariza was not quite visible but he was on stage for a few minutes.

Several minutes backstage, Pacquiao was his usual jolly self allowing ambush interviews and several photo opportunities.   He stayed for at most 20 minutes and proceeded to walk out the arena using the backdoor.  No one from team Pacquiao stayed behind except for Freddie Roach who had to formally approve the gloves and join the pre-fight meetings.  All in all, Pacquiao and team stayed at the weigh-in for not more than one hour.

Bandon Rios’ smile was gone as soon as he passed the through the backstage curtains.  While Robert Garcia, Rios’ trainer, was taking care of business talking to media people and then proceeding to check out the gloves, Rios was seated with two 1 litter bottles of what looked like juice and or a sports drink.  He was clearly in need of liquid to hydrate himself.

Rios showing off what he has

Rios at his best

Possible scenario as both fighters enter the ring tomorrow.

Pacquiao will at most add  just 5 lbs and will come into the ring at 150.   The relative ease of him making the weight clearly says that he is very  comfortable and has probably hovered at 145 to 150lbs over the last 3 weeks.  He seems to be properly hydrated and should help him be strong enough if the fight does go the distance.

Rios on the other might have to work a bit harder make sure he is properly hydrated for tomorrow.  Given how he looked relative to his posted weight, he might come in at fight day at 160 to 163 lbs.  The hydration variable may not be a problem if over the next 24 hours, the process of his liquid intake is done properly.  However, the increase in weight might make him slower thus further giving Manny more advantage in speed.  But make no mistake about it,  his punches may not e harder but they will be heavier.

There is one school of thought that has been the topic of discussion amongst boxing experts here.    All say, whoever has the right mental attitude and the fighter whose desire to win is greater will walk away with this title.

But there are two point of view.

Pacquiao being give a 4-1 chance of winning due to his clear advantage of speed and power must come in not thinking of his knockout loss to Marquez and must know that this fight may determine whether he should retire or not.

Rios believers, who are in reality not that many say that for Rios to win, he must clearly understand that a win here will set up for him a good set of opportunities at least for the next 2 years.  This fight, just like Pacquiao will determine Rios’ boxing career.

Pacquiao has a lot to lose in this fight, while Rios has the world to gain.

Over-all, it looks like Pacquiao is not ready to let go as yet.    All variable considered,  Pacquiao in either the 3rd of the 5th round via the  short route.