Brian Viloria’s time is now

Brian Viloria will now get the respect he truly deserves.

More than just unifying the WBO and WBA belts in his weight division,  Brian emulates the virtues of  hardwork, perseverance,tenacity and humility.  He epitomizes traits that a true sports hero should have.

Even up to this fight, people had doubts about Brian.  Their concerns are not baseless.  Brian’s career has had peaks and valleys not often seen of fighters at this level.  He has been counted out by experts after under par performances against Omar Nino and the terrible loss against Tamara.

Many said that he did not have the heart or the desire to be the champion he was expected to be.  Today, all naysayers are all in one accord, Brian is now back on top and by the looks of it there to stay for a long time.

I was with Brian when he beat Ulisses Solis to regain the belt at the tailend of his first comeback and I was also with him during his lost to Tamara.   What I saw in Brian in both occassions was a man who understood that you cannot have everything in life.  I saw in him a man who knew that as long as he stayed true to who he was, he would get what he deserves.

Beating Hernan Marquez the way he did proved that Viloria did learn from his past mistakes.  He wasn’t going to lose steam as he did in the Tamara fight.  He implemented his game plan well but much more that all this, he proved that he was on top of that ring ready to take it all.  His heart and determination brought him to victory.

Mabuhay ka, Hawaiian Punch!