Marvelous Marvin Sonsona- Is he the next Pacquiao?

Several weeks ago, I flew to Cebu to cover the fight of our very own Marvin Sonsona.   Many still believe that this young Filipino has the talent and skill to come back and take his rightful place in boxing history-after winning his first world championship belt at age 19, many still believe that despite his not so impressive showing after losing the belt, he may still have what it takes.

I covered the fight with my friend Dennis Principe and saw Sonsana score a KO win over game Carlos Fulgencio.  Fulgencio is not a pushover and has the numbers to show it.

The spotlight was however on the native of General Santos.  He did win the fight but to most, it still wasnt the same Sonsona they saw several years ago.

The same questions remain.  Does Marvin have the desire to go all the way?  Will he back this up by commitment and discipline as all boxing greats shown are the keys to winning in this game?

We at ringside continue to hope for the best for Sonsona.  We await the time that he once again can be rightfully described as marvelous.