If you are a writer,  WRITE!

If you are a writer, WRITE!

I stopped writing several months ago.  For some reason I just stopped.

It seemed that I didn’t have the time.  I could not find any motivation and much worse there was no inspiration.

This blog signed off for a time and I even missed renewing its domain and hosting.  Something was amiss.  Something was wrong.  I could not put my finger on what was stopping me to write.

I wasn’t writing to earn.  i wasn’t writing for any publication who requires me to submit articles regularly.  I was just writing because I wanted to write.  It didn’t matter much if only a handful of people were reading my posts.  As long as I was able to send out my message to at least one person, I was ok.

For a time that stopped. …

IMG_0818“If you are a writer, Write!”  These very same words woke me up more than a decade ago.  Back then I had so many things to say and share but was afraid to write.  Placing my thoughts in writing was scary.  Growing up I was never told by anyone that I wrote well so I believed that I didn’t have the right to write.

“If you are a writer, Write!”  I took that to mean that if I thought I had something to say then I should write it down.  It did not matter what others thought about my writing style as long as I had something to say, I believed that I should write it down.  And so I did.

I had to believe I was a writer before  I became one.

“If you are a writer, Write!” So with those words I open up my blog again,  mikeochosa.com.

Thanks to my wife Betsy and one of my best friends Monet, this portal is up and running again.


Abby Marano-Beast Mode

Abby Marano-Beast Mode

I have had the opportunity to meet the DLSU Lady Spiker’s  Captain, Abby Marano.

She has led her team to numerous UAAP   titles and has emerged to be one of the most dominant and recognized volleyball players in the country to date.   Although her team fell short of  defending their title in season 76,  Abby remained poised and composed at the moment of defeat, a mark of a mature athlete and leader.

That was her last remaining year to play for her school and now she sets her sights to bigger things.

Abby’s tenacity  reflects the kind of determined attitude the “Captain” possesses.  She shared with me her career goals, her future plans for her family and her own personal objectives for herself.   Admittedly they are lofty goals but knowing what I know now of her,  it seems that she has a good chance of attaining them.

She spoke of each one much like she would plan for a volleball game.  There is a sense of focus that one seldom finds from a 21 year old nowadays.   It was as if she exactly knew where to go, what to do, whom to speak with and how to prepare for the future.  Much like her knowing how to defend with a dig pass,  acknowledge where her setter is and prepare for the patented “Beast  Mode” attack of Abby.

We also spoke of her humble beginnings when as a young child she would  hide from her parents to play volleyball.  Her mom Belen shared that she was against her playing as she did not see then any future in the sport.  She kept on reminding Abby to keep on studying with the intent to get to a good school.  Little did they know that it would be volleyball which would fulfill that dream.

No one would also even think years ago that the game would continue to be her stepping stone to better things to come as she leaves college life and enter the workforce.  Abby was the second pick  in the 1st round draft of the newest semi-pro league of the country the Philippine Super Liga.

Together with her good friends and nemesis on the court, Din-Din Santiago and Iari Yongco,  Abby Marano represents the springboard that can bring volleyball to a different level in the next couple of years.

Abby now embarks on a new season of her playing years.  Her teammates,  players on the other teams and her fans have high expectations of her and they all know she has it in her to play her role right.  For Abby there is no other way to success.  A way that has brought her to where she is in her career and her life.   Watch out for her as she turns on the “Beast Mode” when she takes the court when the season begins.






Pacquiao Bradley meet again

Pacquiao Bradley meet again

Situations are different now. Pacquiao is at a crossroad attempting to extend career. Bradley’s last two fights seems to show a

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better and more improved fighter. How will this fight end?


Pacquiao Rios-  What they really want to say!

Pacquiao Rios- What they really want to say!


Pacquiao Rios

Just got home from the fight.  I did not attempt to even write any post fight articles. Was too tired and clearly so many write ups have already been posted.  The story took the headlines of most if not all relevant media portals and broadsheets. 

The story is clear , it is what it is.  Pacquiao put on a dazzling show to beat Brandon Rios.

As I read through a lot of articles I would just like to share my thoughts on something.  Given my little knowledge in boxing, allow me to decipher  what I think these fighters want to really say when they say what they say.


Pacquiao and Rios- fighting for their future

Pacquiao and Rios- fighting for their future

Pacquiao looks good!

Ripped and ready

I was at the weigh in for the Pacquiao Rios fight and here are the facts:

Rios came in at 146 and a quarter lbs while Pacquiao registered at 145 lbs

Pacquiao looked fresh and buffed.   Rios cheek bones were pronounced and though he is thinner than usual, he had no muscle definition.

Both fighters were smiling while Rios was having fun with the crowd asking Filipinos and Mexicans alike to cheer.

The expected tension between the camps were not evident, everyone seemed civil.

Alex Ariza was not quite visible but he was on stage for a few minutes.

Several minutes backstage, Pacquiao was his usual jolly self allowing ambush interviews and several photo opportunities.   He stayed for at most 20 minutes and proceeded to walk out the arena using the backdoor.  No one from team Pacquiao stayed behind except for Freddie Roach who had to formally approve the gloves and join the pre-fight meetings.  All in all, Pacquiao and team stayed at the weigh-in for not more than one hour.

Bandon Rios’ smile was gone as soon as he passed the through the backstage curtains.  While Robert Garcia, Rios’ trainer, was taking care of business talking to media people and then proceeding to check out the gloves, Rios was seated with two 1 litter bottles of what looked like juice and or a sports drink.  He was clearly in need of liquid to hydrate himself.

Rios showing off what he has

Rios at his best


Pacquiao needs to dispose Rios

Pacquiao needs to dispose Rios

It has been almost a year since Marquez pulled one of the biggest upsets in boxing history when he floored Manny Pacquiao.  Sitting at ringside, the moment Pacquiao hit the canvas I was up on my feet not believing what I just witnessed.

If only Pacquiao did not fake an attack before going in the round would have ended and Pacquiao in all probability would have won.

If only the bell sounded a second sooner, the fight would have gone on without Manny tasting his worst defeat ever.

I obviously have not gotten over it.  I am not sure if Pacquiao has.


Could Doliguez be the next Pacquiao?

Could Doliguez be the next Pacquiao?

Jun”Hercules” Doliguez (16-0-1), a Filipino boxer, a virtual unknown in the local boxing scene secretly flew to the United States kicking of a campaign aimed at bringing home a world championship belt. He will face the dangerous Mexican Giovanni Caro (24-13-4). A win against Caro will do two very important things for him.

This bout is scheduled as an undercard of the Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez card and a win by Doliguez will be a fitting introduction of himself to his countrymen.

Secondly, and just as important, a win here puts Doliguez directly on target for a shot at a world championship in the 126 lbs division.


Focusing on the moment

Focusing on the moment


Swing right and the Homerun will come

Swing right and the Homerun will come

Success a lot say is a result of huge dreams.  Oftentimes though, we fail to understand that the true measure of  success is not what  have been acheived, but lies in the journey to achieve them.

If  we study the lives of really sucessful individuals, though their goals are clear to them, their focus always lie on the steps made.  The process that they had  to go through. The moments they had to string up to enable them to move toward that goal. 

Nothing is truly crystal clear to anybody.  Even if they think their goal is as clear as a position they want to have, a house they want to buy, an award they want to get, the way to achieve these goals is never ever quite as visible.    Those who are truly succcessful have worked their way through these obstacles by staying, focusing and working through each moment.

The irony as most successful people share is that keeping focus on the goal often prevents them from making the most of their moments…instances that are integral to getting to their goal.   Some even say that their initial failures were caused by how they wanted people to see them  as rather than just simply being themselves.

Take the case of athletes.  Almost all the great athletes started learning their sport of choice at a very early age.  Tiger of golf, Arod or baseball, Lebron of basketball and Mayweather of boxing.  All these individuals had to go through hours and hours of skills training broken down per section, per muscle, per movement.  Everyone had to go through the basics with their coaches telling them to focus on one movement at a time.  To isolate and train that muscle to do exactly what it needs to do.


Is it Mayweather’s time?

Is it Mayweather’s time?

Just a thought. It would be so apt if it would be Saul Alvarez who would stop the winning streak of the self-proclaimed best boxer in the world.

Personally, it would be cool for Mayweather to keep his record unblemished. But, it seems cooler if, this young Mexican nicknamed El Canelo would be the one to deal Money his first loss.

Oddsmakers are not quite sure about Mayweather’s advantage over Alvarez. Nearing the fight, odds are at 2-1. Nowhere near the 5-1 odds given in favor of Mayweather in his last 3 fights. It seems that Saul provides a string of variables and characteristics that may just do the job.


How to hit curve balls

How to hit curve balls

Baseball teaches one

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a lot about life. Many times the metaphor of a curve ball refers to the unexpected twists and turns that life offers.

Preparing for it starts with accepting that it will be thrown. Just like a batter standing inside the box, he knows that a curve ball will come.

But just like any good player, there is always a coach behind him who should prepare him for the inevitable.

I have learned that the best coach one can have is one that will give you everything you need to know, unconditionally and without any expectation.

I am glad that God is my coach.

Patience is important

Knowing it will come